Sep, 2016

Brick Cleaning and Stone Cleaning in Norfolk

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More than ever we are asked to carry out brick cleaning and stone cleaning works. This is due to buildings being discoloured due to atmospheric and modern day pollutants. Traffic, erratic weather and general neglect can change your building whole look.

Original brick colours are often lost underneath the carbonisation and growths such as lichen and algae. – Often there can be lots of detail can been hidden underneath.

We use a variety to up to date cleaning methods to ensure that even your toughest or softest exterior can be cleaned. Leaving the building looking like it was meant to all those years ago.

During our cleans we have found all manner of colours underneath – hidden by the grime can be beautiful yellow bricks – bright coloured red bricks ! Does your pebble dash look awful? We can make it look so much cleaner!

We utilise a full range of cleaning techniques not limited too, but including : Pressure Washing, Steam Cleaning, Abrasive Cleaning and Chemical Applications. Many of our cleaning methods are 100% eco friendly too.

We are asked to clean all manner of buildings, from churches, to office blocks to domestic homes. We can clean stone monuments, clean agricultural buildings and silos too.

A cleaned building not only looks terrific but it naturally adds lots of kerb side appeal. If you are looking at impressing customers or looking to sell and clean building looking its best will really help!

Of course sometimes it is not just nature that can make your bricks and stone look awful, but graffiti can be unattractive and sometimes offensive too. We can remove graffiti from any surface – it can be like magic – a visit from Odd Bods and the graffiti is removed like it had never been there!

Take a look at our video below – to see the brick cleaning in action.

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