Sep, 2016

Caravan Cleaning Across Norfolk

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Caravan Cleaning in Norfolk and surrounding areas

As summer holidays are drawing to an end, many of you will have stayed in a caravan in Norfolk over the break. You may own a caravan on a static park. You may have a towing caravan.

We are fortunate enough to clean at local sites including Kelling Heath.

Caravan breaks are no longer linked just to the summer months, with many parks being open year round or certainly 10 months of the year now. A caravan break can be enjoyed all year round.

Notoriously winter weather can be hard going leaving a caravan looking unclean and green!

Here at Odd Bods we offer a fantastic cleaning service to ensure your caravan stays looking as clean as new. Caravan cleaning is carried out by our experience team using, both soft pressure washing techniques and finished with a rinsing agent to help you caravan shine.

We can also clean all associated veranda, steps and decks that often are located around the static caravans.

As well as cleaning the caravan sides, we can even clean the roofs, even if they are tiled, as standard our clean includes the windows on the van and any gutters are always cleared and cleaned too.

Here are some images of before and after of some larger caravan that we cleaned earlier this year.

Whether you are a park owner, or a private owner with one of thousands of vans we can help.

Contact Odd Bods today to discuss any cleaning requirements you may have.



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