Sep, 2016

Customer Satisfaction Is Key

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Customer Service Is The Key – Why We Believe Customer Satisfaction Is Importantimgres-1


Customer satisfaction is a marketing term that quantifies how services or products provided by a firm and a customer’s anticipation of the kind of service they expect to receive.

Customer satisfaction is significant because it provides business owners and marketers with a metric that can enhance over time and they can use to their companies advantage by getting feedback  from customers and making improvements accordingly.


Some Benefits:

  • It’s a leading indicator of loyalty and consumer repurchase goals
  • It’s a stage of distinction
  • Customer lifetime value raises


  1. It’s a leading indicator of devotion and consumer repurchase goals.These customers should be put on an individual watch list to help you discover why their gratification is low once this is done make sure the issues followed up.


This is one of the top metrics companies use to quantify customer loyalty and consumer repurchases.

  1. It’s a stage of distinction

In a competitive market where companies compete for customers; customer satisfaction is viewed as an integral differentiator. Companies who triumph in these cutthroat surroundings are the ones that see customer satisfaction as vital component of their company strategy.

Imagine two companies that provide the identical merchandise. What’s going to force you to pick one?

If you received a recommendation for one company from a friend because of better customer service? Likely.

So how does that customer recommendation initially takes place ? It ’s on the rear of a customer experience that is good. Businesses who offer customer experiences that are astonishing create environments where satisfaction is the number one priority get high support and loyalty from their customer base.

  1. An Accenture world-wide customer satisfaction report (2008) found that cost just isn’t the primary reason behind customer churn; it’s really as a result of overall poor quality of customer service.

By monitoring and quantifying customer satisfaction it is possible to place new procedures to set up in order to raise the total quality of your customer service.



You should place an emphasis on ‘wowing’ customers at every chance and surpassing customer expectations. Do that for half a year, than quantify customer satisfaction. See whether your new initiatives experienced a negative or favourable impact on satisfaction.

Here at Odd Bods we truly believe in exceeding customer expectations. All our staff are fully trained and monitored. We are only humans and if there is a slip in standards we arrange to correct within 24 hours – or at a time suitable to our customer. We rectify, we apologise and we do everything in our power to ensure the same error does not happen again.

A customer recommendation is a fabulous way to build our customer base, so to thank our customers for recommending someone to use our services, we offer a half price clean next time – just a little something that seems to mean a lot.

We have the most excellent group of customers and we thank them for choosing us. In a world with so many choices we know they do not have too. We have to stay on top of our game, continue to offer great services to ensure are customers are happy to stay with us and recommend our services.

Customer is King.


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