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Decking Cleaning

Deck Cleaning & Timber Cleaning Solutions

The decking area of any garden is the perfect place to sit and relax. It makes a great platform for the kids to play on too! But if your decking looking is uninviting or needs a new lease of life, it may be time to do something about it.
If there is a layer of dirt and grime on your decking, it will cause problems, including:

  • Slips trips and falls – moss and debris makes the decking slippery and there’s no point in spending time on your decking when you’re worried you’re likely to slip and fall.
  • It can rot quicker – rain, ice and snow will work its way through paint, stains or varnish on the decking meaning the timbers will rot quicker and your once lovely decking will be useless.

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What causes the problem?
  • Weather – rain, ice, snow and sunshine all contribute to breaking down wooden decking, even if they are made from high quality tanalised or pressure treated timber. Taking care of your decking with regular cleaning and staining of the boards will help to preserve it. It also helps rainwater to drain away but eventually, there can be a top layer of dirt and moss that stops this happening.
  • Natural process – wood is a natural product and will rot over time. Looking after your deck with regular staining or painting, as well as washing and cleaning it, will help to preserve it for many years to come.
The solution

Taking good care of your decking is important but there are some things you need to know.

  • Power washing – done incorrectly – can damage the timbers. When water is delivered under considerable force or the water is concentrated in one spot for too long, it can form a hole in the decking.
  • Some cleaning solutions can be harmful to flora and fauna, as well as aquatic life, which can be bad news if you have a garden pond.
Call in the professionals!

With our extensive know-how, cleaning equipment and solutions, we can carefully clean your deck leaving it pristine and ready to enjoy. Nothing we do or use harms wildlife or plants in your garden, and once we have cleaned your decking, you can stain it or re-paint it, confident that the stain or paint will be protecting the timber and not driving moisture or dirt into the wood grain.

Odd Bods have a range of solutions to breathe new life back into your decking.
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