Aug, 2016

Gutter Cleaning and Clearing in Norfolk

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The sun and rain create great growing conditions for plant. Although this can make your garden look amazing, they do not look as good in your gutters! Gutter cleaning is area you do not want to have blocked with debris and growth.

You should regularly check your gutters to see if you have growth or maybe a jungle growing in them.

If you have a heavily mossed roof, rain fall and birds will push the moss into your gutters and this can cause blockages too.

A blocked gutter should be attended to immediately. Your gutters provide drainage to help prevent damp issues in your property. If neglected you will start to experience damp walls which causes damage to your property.

The days of needing to climb up ladders are in the past. Using our gutter vacuum systems we will clear gutters of up to 70ft ( three storeys) from the ground safely. By simply sucking away all the growth – leaving your gutter runs free flowing and working as they should. Should your gutters be even higher than this, we can still clear them using high access equipment such as Mobile Working Elevated Platforms.

Many people have their gutters cleared and gutters cleaned every twelve months to ensure that the gutter maintenance is given the attention it needs.

Here at Odd Bods, we are happy to come and carry out gutter cleaning on both commercial and domestic properties. A blocked gutter can be cleaned as and when required or you can join our annual gutter clearing service. Where we clear your gutters annually for a period of three years at a reduced rate.

As well as offering an exceptional gutter cleaning service across Norfolk, we also provide a gutter repair service as well. From replacing complete runs to sealing leaks – whatever your requirements may be regarding your gutters we will be able to help.

Contact us today for a free quotation – and visit our gutter cleaning web page for more information http://www.oddbodscleaning.co.uk/?p=3075&preview=true



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