Jun, 2017

Patio Cleaning – Houses for Sale in Norfolk – Let Odd Bods Add Kerbside Appeal in Droves!!

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Patio Cleaning and Driveway Cleaning are often neglected when your house is put up for sale. The housing market is fluid at the moment. Therefore if you really want to put your property up for sale, make sure that the exterior of it is looking amazing. Create an amazing first impression!

So many sellers make the inside nice and neutral and give it a good clean – don’t forget to pay attention to your exterior spaces. We can make your paths, patios and driveways look like new – think how much quicker your house could sell, if they already love the look of it and can see the outside has been cared for. Thats before they have even stepped inside!


Patio Cleaning and Driveway Cleaning By Odd Bods :

patio cleaning sandstone




Its the same with your windows and exterior plastics. Are they green or clean? Let Odd Bods make your windows sparkle and your plastics gleam.

driveway cleaning

There are lots of ways to improve the appearance of your property from having the roof tiles cleaned to having the ornaments and pots in your garden cleaned and here at Odd Bods we can help with all of that.

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