Aug, 2016

Pressure Washing For All Surfaces – We can really make your Exterior look Superior!

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Pressure Washing: Not Just for Driveways  

How to make your exterior really look superior.

When you think of pressure washing, it’s easy to assume that such a cleaning regime is reserved for the cleaning of driveways alone.  However nothing could be further from the truth. While a series of high pressure treatments are used for a series of different cleaning jobs. Different tasks do require different treatments. Fortunately, Oddbods Cleaning is a company that can offer a number of different cleaning solutions depending on your requirements. Showing that pressure washing can be applied to a number of different surfaces that need to be undertaken when it comes to a home or business, not just driveway cleaning.

Brick Wall and Brick Paving Cleaning

Bricks can be a completely different colour under the dirt.

It’s easy for brick work to become dull and weathered due to the outside elements.  We can clean your bricks to give it a different look!  Brick wall cleaning is something that can be carried out to give your building that professional glint. Which improves kerbside appeal and being more aesthetically-pleasing as a result.

Oddbods Cleaning understands that not all brickwork is the same, and will ensure that a suitable solution is put in place to ensure no damage or corrosion is caused to your wall.

Removal of Graffiti

Unless its a Banksy you probably hate the graffiti that appears everywhere.

Graffiti is an annoyance we can do without, but unfortunately it occurs, so all we can do is ensure that we tackle graffiti in the right kind of way. When we spot graffiti, it’s completely normal that we would look for the nearest bottle of cleaning solution and tackle the chore ourselves. However, this could make the problem worse, so a professional should be called in the first instance.

Oddbods Cleaning is able to offer a number of different methods for the removal of graffiti. Some may require a simple pressure wash; other more stubborn graffiti may require a gentle approach to ensure the brickwork remains in good condition.

Whatever graffiti is present on your property, Oddbods Cleaning can ensure that a solution is put in place that is both cost-effective and prompt.

Professional Oil Stain Removal

Oil patches are unsightly and slippery.

Oil stains are ugly, and left unattended, an oil spill can soon become an unsightly distraction. Quick action can be key, its good to be dealt with as soon as possible. Oddbods Cleaning is a company that has a number of years’ experience when it comes to removing a multitude of different stains. We are able to deliver a reliable and cost-effective solution every time.

Other Professional Services

There is not an exterior surface we haven’t been able to clean!

As a company that has a number of years’ experience within the cleaning industry. We can offer a number of other services to ensure that your home or business is kept clean and well-maintained. The services on offer include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Gutter Clearance
  • Tennis Court Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Roof Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Swimming Pool
  • Caravan Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

In fact, if you have any exterior cleaning and in need of that professional touch, then call Oddbods Cleaning today for an  chat to discuss your requirements. Call us today on 01493 749876!

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