Jun, 2018


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All about solar panel cleaning

Keeping a clean, tidy and presentable business premises is never easy. However, it is something that is important to do. When you have a clean office, factory, shop or anything in between, then you are going to find that you create the right impression for your clients and customers.

One part of your business that you may not realise is vital to clean on a regular basis is your solar panels. Solar panels are installed so that they can produce a clean form of energy that you can then use throughout your business. They rely on the sunshine on them in order to create this energy and the more sunshine that hits the solar panel and is absorbed, the more energy there will be created.


The trouble with solar panels

Solar panels are installed on the roof of the building. Because they are angled upwards, they are more prone to bird droppings than they otherwise would. Not only this, but they are also more likely to have a build up of dust or dirt over time.

It is a common misconception that rain would be enough to clean off your solar panels. However, this really isn’t the case. Sure, it might get rid of the worst of it, but over time, it is going to keep on building up and no amount of rain is going to help.

A dirty panel is a panel is not an efficient panel

When you choose to install solar panels for your business, you are likely to see them as an investment. Which means that you are going to want to protect it as best you can. If you leave your solar panel to get dirty, then it isn’t going to work as well as it otherwise would and this will in turn affect how much energy that it will produce.

Not only this, much like other things out there, if you look after them and keep them clean then they will last much longer than they would if they are not treated well.


How we can help

So, now you know how important it is to keep your solar panels clean, the time has come to find out how best to approach it.

Of course, you can try and clean your solar panels yourself, however this can be dangerous and you are going to need to ensure that you have the right equipment. A much easier way to ensure that they are clean and are performing the best they can is to come to an expert in solar panel cleaning.

Just like us here at OddBods Exterior Cleaning Specialists.

Not only do we understand how important it is to keep your solar panels clean, but we also know the right way to do it. We have tools, equipment, cleaning products and the expertise to ensure that your solar panels. No matter how dirty they might have gotten over time, are back to their sparkling best.

Even better, whilst we are there, why not organise for us to carry out other exterior cleaning on your property? If you really want to make a good impression and make sure that your clients want to continue doing business with you, then this is a great place to start.


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